Vismaya Park Ticket Price 2024 : Have A Great Enjoy!

Vismaya Park Ticket Price: A 30-acre water theme park in Kannur, Kerala, India, is well-known for its assortment of water rides and kid-friendly attractions. It is one of Kerala’s best water theme parks and a great place for a day picnic. It is normally open each day from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

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Vismaya Park Ticket Price 2024 : Have A Great Enjoy!

The text offers crucial details for anyone wishing to visit Vismaya Park. Located on Kurumathur – Parassinikkadavu Road in Taliparamba, Kerala, the park was opened in August 2008 and is run by Malabar Tourism Development Cooperative Ltd. It features exhilarating rides and water sports.

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Vismaya Park Ticket Price

The following are the ticket costs for Kannur’s Vismaya Park:

Category Price (in INR)
Adult 630/-
Child (3-12 years) 500/-
Senior citizen (above 60 years) 360/-

Children between the heights of three and four feet are admitted free of charge, while guests over the height of four feet must purchase an adult ticket. April and May holiday rates are in effect.

Location of Vismaya Park

Vismaya Park is located on Kurumathur – Parassinikkadavu Road in Taliparamba, Kannur, Kerala, India. I’m sorry, but I don’t have the location information to give you directions. However, you can use a map application.

The 30-acre park has more than 40 rides for all ages, including water and dry rides, such as the Aqua Trail, Electric Swing, Giant Wheel, Jumping Frog, Merry Go Round, Sky Train, Striking Car, and Tide Pool.

Opening time

Weekends and public holidays see the park open from 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM, while weekday hours are from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The entry fee is Rs. 630 for adults, Rs. 500 for children, and Rs. 360 for senior citizens.

Distance between airport and Vismaya Park

It is recommended to travel by taxi or rental car to reach the park, which is 35 kilometers away from Kannur International Airport. The trip should take approximately one hour.

How to reach vismaya park?

Vismaya Park in Kannur is conveniently located near a number of transit options.

  • By Road: You can reach the park by taxi or your own car; it’s located 8 km south of Taliparamba and 18 km north of Kannur.
  • By Train: Vismaya Park is conveniently situated close to the 11- and 16-kilometer-distance Kannapuram and Kannur Railway Stations.
  • By Air: Vismaya Park can be reached by taxi or rental car from Calicut International Airport, which is 120 km away.

Nearby destinations close to Vismaya Park

Vismaya Park, a well-known water theme park in Kannur, Kerala, provides visitors with a variety of neighboring attractions to explore.

Fort St. Angelos

Don Francesco de Almeida constructed the St. Angelo Fort, a historic fort in Kannur, Kerala, India, in 1505. Situated 3 km west of Kannur, it is a triangular laterite structure with massive bastions. After being purchased by the Dutch and then the British, who reequipped it as their main military stronghold in Malabar, the fort was once again used. With a sea wall dividing the ocean from the inland water, it provides a breathtaking view of Mopilla Bay and Dharamadam Island. It is normally open each day from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Situated 100 meters from the mainland is the well-known tourist destination, Dharamadam Island.


Madayipara, a 365-hectare hillock in Kerala, India’s Kannur district, is well-known among tourists for its unusual topography and wide variety of plant life. More than 500 plant species, 300 flowering plants, and rare butterfly breeds can be found on the hillock. Travelers and lovers of the outdoors have been drawn to the biodiversity. The Madayi Kavu, a temple honoring Goddess Kali and Shakthi, and the Vadukunnu Temple, honoring Lord Shiva, are also located in Madayipara. The hillock was once the seat of government for the Ezhimala kings; visitors are drawn to a hand-held mirror pond that dates back to the time of the ancient Jewish settlers.

Ezhimala Beach

Situated in the Kannur district of Kerala, India, Ezhimala Beach is a breathtaking 286-meter beach featuring an ancient cave, a burial chamber, and sculptured stone pillars. Herbal remedies are well-known from the hills. Staying at hotels in the Kannur district allows visitors to explore the area’s attractions, which include Madayipara, Vismaya Water Park, and Fort St. Angelos. There is also an old cave and burial chamber on the beach.

Payyambalam Beach

The stunning beach in Kannur is located 700 meters from Vismaya Park and is well-known for its golden sand and crystal-clear waters, making it a favorite place for swimming and water sports.

Chirakkal Museum

The museum in Kannur is located 800 meters from Vismaya Park and features a variety of artifacts that highlight the rich cultural heritage of the area.

Vismaya Park rides and attractions

Among its many attractions is Vismaya Park, a 30-acre theme park located in Kannur, Kerala, India. It features a number of exhilarating rides and water sports.

  • Dry Rides: All ages can enjoy a variety of dry rides at Vismaya Park, including well-known ones like Bull Fight, Horror Cave, Sky Train, Striking Car, and Sky Wheel.
  • Water Rides: The water rides at Vismaya Park, such as the Wonder Wagon, Wave Pool, Wetlandic Fall, and Spring Zone, are well-liked by guests.
  • Kids Zone: A designated children’s area with a variety of rides and games is called the Kids Zone at Vismaya Park.

With top-notch entertainment options for all ages, Vismaya Park is the ideal location for a daylong picnic with family and friends.

Vismaya Park facilities

Located in the Kannur district of Kerala, India, Vismaya Park is a theme park that provides a variety of amenities to guarantee the comfort, safety, amusement, and relaxation of its visitors.

  • Dormitory: Up to 100 guests can be accommodated in the park’s peaceful and cozy dorm, which offers a clean, safe, and well-maintained space for rest and refreshment.
  • Restaurant: Within the park, a tidy, roomy restaurant that can accommodate 500 people provides fresh, hygienic food options for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian patrons.
  • Tourist Bus: Travelers can enjoy a convenient, secure, and comfortable trip to Vismaya Amusement Park, as the park is accessible by four reservation-based tourist buses.
  • Prayer Hall: People can say their prayers in the prayer hall, which is a tidy and well-kept area.
  • Dress Code: To ensure their safety, visitors must follow certain ride dress codes, and loose clothing is discouraged.

Most popular ride in Vismaya Park

In Kannur, Kerala, India, Vismaya Park is a 30-acre theme park with more than 40 rides, both wet and dry. Wave Pool, Wetlandic Fall, Spring Zone, and Wonder Wagon are a few of the well-liked rides. The park also has a designated Kids’ Zone with a number of games and rides, though it’s unclear which one is the most well-liked.

Mamous markets in Kannur

The charming city of Kannur in Kerala, India, is well-known for its historical landmarks, gorgeous beaches, and lively culture.

  • Fort Road: The vibrant commercial district of Kannur, teeming with stores and bazaars, is the place to go for handicrafts, saris, pottery, and spices from the region, as well as for access to St. Angelo’s Fort.
  • Fortlight Complex: With its array of stores selling apparel and gadgets, the Fort Road shopping complex is a well-liked hangout for both locals and visitors.
  • Kannur City Center: This well-known retail center in Kannur provides a wide selection of goods, such as apparel, jewelry, and home furnishings, at reasonable costs.

What to avoid in Vismaya Park?

Vismaya Park, a well-known water theme park in Kannur, Kerala, has exciting water rides for kids as well. However, in order to guarantee a fun and safe experience, it’s important to avoid certain activities.

  • Avoid carrying outside food: There are many eateries and food vendors in the park, but it is not allowed to bring outside food.
  • Avoid carrying valuable items: Since park management is not liable for any loss or damage to personal belongings, they advise against carrying valuables like jewelry, watches, or electronic devices.
  • Avoid wearing inappropriate clothing: It is forbidden to wear apparel that is too revealing or offensive in the park due to dress code regulations.

Best time to visit Vismaya Park

With a RealFeel® of 80°F, Kannur, Kerala, India, is experiencing exceptional air quality. There are gusts reaching up to 15 mph and a southeast wind speed of 8 mph. There will be cloudy skies and a red alert for significant rainfall.

The average yearly temperature in Kannur is 26.4°C (79.5°F), and the city has a tropical climate with heavy rainfall all year long.

With temperatures ranging from 20°C to 25°C, the monsoon season (June to September) or winter (October to February) are the ideal times to visit Kannur. The summer months of March through May are not the best because of the highs of over 40°C.

Vismaya Park is open from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM on weekdays and from 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM on weekends and holidays. October to May is the ideal time of year to visit.

For those of all ages, Vismaya Park, a 30-acre water theme park in Kannur, Kerala, India, provides exhilarating rides and water sports. For an unforgettable trip, travelers can reserve tickets and tours on Thrillophilia for the lowest prices.

AQI Index Kannur

The Air Quality Index (AQI) for Kannur, Kerala, India is currently 98, which is considered moderate. This is based on daily updates on pollutants such as PM2.5, NO2, O3, and PM10.

The AQI is subject to change daily due to weather, traffic, and industrial activities, so it’s important to check it frequently and take the appropriate precautions.

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