Nicco Park Ticket Price: Adventure, Thrills, Rides, and More!

Nicco Park Ticket Price: Known as the “Disneyland of West Bengal,” Park, which is situated in Jheel Meel, Bidhannagar, West Bengal, India. It opened its doors to visitors in 1991 and has since grown to be a well-liked tourist destination.

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Nicco Park Ticket Price

The park offers a wide range of following rides.

  • Cyclone: The biggest wooden roller coaster in India has loops, turns, and dips that will make even the most courageous of us scream.
  • Water Chute: Before you enter the pool below, the water ride is an exhilarating experience that includes twists and turns.
  • Sky Diver Ride: a ride that has the same adrenaline rush as skydiving.
  • Vortex: For a pleasant and delightful experience, take your family and friends on the thrill ride.

Wet-O-Wild, a water park at Nicco Park, has a number of water-based attractions like the Lazy River Ride, Paddle Boat, and River Cave.

Open Timing

Except on Holi, Nicco Park is open every day of the year. Entry to the water park is available from 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM, rides operate from 10:45 AM to 7:30 PM, and the food court is accessible from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Hotels near Nicco Park

Near Nicco Park, I found various hotels, including:

  • Hotel Monotel: Nicco Park is about 2.5 kilometers from the 4-star hotel.
  • OYO 1694 Nicco Park: Nicco Park is about 2.9 kilometres from the 3-star hotel.
  • Senses Hotel: Nicco Park is 2.3 km from the 4-star hotel.

Attractions near Nicco Park

The author found a number of places to visit close to Nicco Park in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Wet O Wild

A water park is located about two minutes away from Nicco Parks & Resorts Limited at Salt Lake Bypass, Kolkata, India.

A 48-foot Niagara Falls cascade, Thunder Bowl, Tornado Funnel, Crusader Ride, Rain Dance, Tube Slide, Lazy River Ride, Body Slide, Wave Pool, and Wave Runner are among the attractions at Wet-O-Wild, a water park in Kolkata also known as “The Pirates Bay” and “Disneyland of Bengal.”

Avahan Spa

A spa is located about 10 minutes from Nicco Parks & Resorts Limited at Ae – 319 Saltlake, Kolkata (Calcutta), India.

With a 4.8 out of 5 star rating on Google, the Avahan Spa in Salt Lake City Sector 1 in Kolkata, India, provides body therapies, face treatments, natural packs, and scrubs.

Tour de Kolkata

Tour de Kolkata is a travel company in Kolkata, India that provides a range of tours, including private tours, walking tours, food walks, and tours of the Sunderban Jungle and Kolkata Tour & Sightseeing. The organization may be found at 27 Mirza Ghalib Street, Kolkata (Calcutta), West Bengal 700016. The knowledgeable tour guide will share fascinating information and tales about the city’s cuisine, inhabitants, culture, and architecture. Additionally, they include recommendations for pubs, restaurants, and some of the city’s fabled cafés.

Club Prana Spa and Wellness

In Kolkata, India, Club Prana Spa and Wellness is a spa and wellness facility housed within the Hyatt Regency Kolkata hotel. The spa provides massages, body therapies, aesthetic services, and cutting-edge exercise gear. The spa is accessible from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM and has a floor area of nearly 10,000 square feet. It is about 20 minutes away from Nicco Parks & Resorts Limited at JA-1 Sector III, Salt Lake City Hyatt Regency Kolkata, Kolkata (Calcutta) 700098 India. To assist people in realizing their greatest potential, the center is open from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Eden Gardens

The oldest and second-largest cricket stadium in the world, Eden Gardens is situated in Kolkata Center, India, and has a capacity of 68,000 spectators. It is the home field of the Kolkata Knight Riders and is frequently referred to as the “Mecca of Indian cricket.” It is owned by the Cricket Association of Bengal. The distance to Nicco Parks & Resorts Limited is 3.9 miles.

Mother House

The Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic religious order founded by Mother Teresa in 1950, has its main office in Kolkata, India. The congregation is renowned for its tranquil atmosphere and is viewed more as a pilgrimage place than a tourism destination. Hospices, residences for those with HIV/AIDS, leprosy, and TB, soup kitchens, family and children’s counseling services, orphanages, and schools are just a few of the services provided by the missionaries. Along with a tiny museum titled “Mother Teresa’s Life, Spirit, and Message,” the Mother House is home to a number of her personal items, including a sari, crucifix, rosary, sandals, and an enamel supper bowl. Mother Teresa was buried within the house, making it also the location of her ultimate resting place. The spiritual location is open for visits, prayers, and meditation.

Science City

In Kolkata, West Bengal, India, there is a science center and park called Science City. The National Council of Science Museums, the Ministry of Culture, and the Government of India are in charge of running the largest science center on the Indian subcontinent. There are two buildings that make up the center: the Science Centre, which has galleries including Space Odyssey, Dynamotion Hall, Science Exploration Hall, Maritime Center, and Earth Exploration Hall, and the Convention Centre, which serves as a venue for gatherings, training sessions, and exhibitions.

College Street (Boi Para)

3.6 kilometers from Nicco Parks & Resorts Limited is a street market in Kolkata, India.

South Park Street Cemetery

Nicco Parks & Resorts Limited is 4.2 kilometers from a cemetery in Kolkata, India.

Eco Tourism Park

The largest park in India, measuring 480 acres, is called Eco Tourism Park and is situated in New Town, Rajarhat, Kolkata. The ecological zone, theme gardens, and open places for amusement make up the three divisions of Prakriti Tirtha. Cottages and meeting rooms are available for hire by guests for personal or professional usage. The entry cost is INR 30 per person, and it is open every day from 11:00 AM to 9:30 PM.

Except on Mondays, the park is open every day from 11:00 AM to 9:30 PM with a cost of INR 30 per person.

History of Nicco Park

Nicco Park was founded in 1991 as Disneyland of West Bengal 23 and is situated in Jheel Meel, Sector IV of Salt Lake City in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. The 40-acre park offers family-friendly amusement and educational entertainment while simultaneously promoting a “green” environment. It has over 35 attractions and serves over 24 million visitors annually.

While celebrating the 300th anniversary of the city’s founding, the concept for an amusement park in Kolkata first emerged. The current chairman of Nicco Group, Rajive Kaul, visited Disneyland when visiting the US with his family. When Kaul was questioned about his trip to America upon his return, Shyam responded, “I’ve gone to see if I could create a Disneyland here.” This concept ultimately resulted in a partnership with the West Bengali government. By forming Nicco Parks & Resorts Ltd. (NPRL), a Joint Sector Company between National Insulated Cable Corporation Ltd., the West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation Limited (WBIDC), and the West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation Limited (WBTDC), the government and Rajive Kaul committed to constructing an amusement park in Kolkata.

Nicco Park Kolkata Airport distance

Nicco Park is 8.7 kilometers from Kolkata Airport. Driving or taking a taxi, which takes 15 minutes, is the quickest option. Alternately, you can travel 1 hour and 7 minutes by bus from the airport to Ultadanga and then another bus from Ultadanga Station to Salt Lake.

Best time to visit Kolkata

Between October and February, Kolkata, a tropical city on India’s east coast, gets cold, dry weather. With sunny days, the city’s temperature ranges from 12°C to 26°C. But pollution sticks to the air and degrades the quality of the air. During the winter, Kolkata is one of the most polluted cities in India, and rising pollution levels are of concern.

The most travelers arrive in Kolkata between October and February, when Durga Puja, the biggest event in the city, is celebrated. Summertime sightseeing is uncomfortable due to the 27°C to 40°C range in temperature. It can be difficult to travel during the wet monsoon season, which lasts from June to September and brings heavy rain and occasionally cyclonic storms. Extreme heat and humidity dominate the city’s climate, making it a well-liked vacation spot.

Popular attractions nicco park

Nicco Park is a family-friendly amusement park that first opened its doors in 1991 and is situated in Jheel Meel, Bidhannagar, West Bengal, India. It is known as the “Disneyland of West Bengal” and covers a total of 40 acres with more than 35 attractions.

Nicco Park is home to a number of well-liked attractions, including:

Pirate Ship, A dry ride that swings like a pendulum.

The Flying Saucer, a family ride with 64 horses of all sizes, the Monkey Ride for children, an artificial wave pool, and the exciting Transylvania show, which stars Count Dracula, are just a few of the thrilling rides available at Wet O Wild. Visitors will have an exciting time at these attractions.

Nicco Park offers panoramic vistas and educational value with its cable cars, an Eiffel Tower, a rose garden, a 40-foot waterfall, and a retired MIG-21 fighter jet. While the airplane is on exhibit, there are natural attractions including a rose garden and a waterfall.

water park in Nicco Park

Yes, Nicco Park offers panoramic vistas and educational value with its cable cars, an Eiffel Tower, a rose garden, a 40-foot waterfall, and a retired MIG-21 fighter jet. While the airplane is on exhibit, there are natural attractions including a rose garden and a waterfall.

Nicco Park ticket price

The following are the Nicco Park ticket rates in Kolkata:

12 free rides and attractions are included in the entry charge of 250 rupees per person. All rides and attractions at the main park are included in Park Package 1 with supper, which costs Rs. 930 per person. Due to inclement weather or safety concerns, rates and timings are subject to sudden adjustment and suspension.

The cost of admission to Nicco Park in Bhubaneswar, which offers 13 rides, is Rs. 300 per person.

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