Adventure Island Ticket Prices Delhi: Adventure Island – Thrills, Rides, and More!

Get ready to be amazed! Discover the jaw-dropping Adventure Island ticket prices that let you experience thrilling rides without breaking the bank. Unveil the secrets to budget-friendly adventures today!

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Adventure Island Ticket Price

Adventure Island in Delhi stands out as an ideal retreat catering to both locals and tourists. Positioned opposite the Rithala Metro Station within New Delhi’s Rohini sub-city, this amusement hub presents a plethora of enjoyable rides and activities suitable for individuals spanning various age brackets.

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Adventure Island Ticket Prices Delhi

Encompassing a sprawling 62-acre expanse, Adventure Island comprises two primary sections:

the Amusement Park and the Lagoon, an artificial lake, seamlessly linked by an elegant bridge. As the Amusement Park satiates the cravings of thrill-seekers, the Lagoon offers a distinctive boating escapade. It’s worth noting that several well-known Bollywood movies such as Ladies vs Ricky Bahl, PK, and Pyar Ka Punchnama have utilized this site as a backdrop for their scenes. Pledging an unwavering commitment to safety, the adventure park diligently conforms to the globally recognized safety standards sanctioned by the European Union.

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Reaching Adventure Island

Delhi is a convenient endeavor, thanks to its strategic location in Sector 10. Multiple transportation alternatives are at your disposal to access this destination with ease.

Here’s an overview of the key transportation modes:

Metro Route

The nearest metro station to Adventure Island is Rithala Metro Station, situated just a short distance away. Operating on Delhi Metro’s Red Line, Rithala Metro Station serves as the terminal stop, enabling effortless commuting from various parts of Delhi through a few well-coordinated metro transfers.

City Buses

While not as predominant, city buses offer an additional option for traveling to Rohini. Several bus routes connect to Rithala Metro Station, from which Adventure Park Rohini is a brief stroll away. Bus lines like ML-15 and 990A have extensive coverage across Delhi, ensuring accessibility to Rohini.

From the Airport

Covering the approximately 30-kilometer distance from Indira Gandhi International Airport to Adventure Island Delhi takes approximately an hour. Travel options include utilizing the Outer Ring Road or the Mahatma Gandhi Marg. Alternatively, choosing a private cab provides a comfortable and expedient means of reaching your desired location.

Road Connectivity

Adventure Island benefits from its proximity to the National Highway, establishing a crucial link between Delhi and various northern cities like Chandigarh and Panipat. Moreover, the theme park enjoys close proximity to the Haryana border. Adventure Island’s strategic location and the array of transportation choices ensure that your journey to this destination is not only uncomplicated but also adaptable to your preferences.

Important Considerations for Your Adventure Island Visit

When planning your trip to Adventure Island, keep these key details in mind to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience: –

Group Discounts for Educational Institutions

Special discounted rates are available for school and college groups during specific time slots, complete with tailored packages. This encompasses access to selected water rides, unlimited international rides, the engaging MAD (Music, Acrobatics and Dance) Circus, rain dance sessions, live DJ entertainment, and an exclusive teachers’ lounge. Dining arrangements are also thoughtfully provided by the venue.

Venue Rental for Special Occasions

Adventure Island’s sprawling green lawns can be reserved for various events like annual functions, Teacher’s Day festivities, weddings, birthdays, and kitty parties. However, this offering is applicable to gatherings comprising a minimum of 30 attendees for the occasion.

Corporate Engagements

Adventure Island extends a warm welcome to corporate bookings, catering to activities such as team building, client outings, family day events, and promotional campaigns. The park ensures a seamless experience by providing elements like sound effects, music, skilled emcees, and coordinators for effective team-building exercises.

Thrilling Kids’ Birthday Celebrations

Elevate the excitement of kids’ birthday parties by opting for Adventure Island. The birthday boy or girl receives special gifts, and the presence of beloved cartoon characters adds an extra layer of entertainment. Engaging activities like puppet shows, magic performances, and games contribute to a joyous celebration.

Ample Parking Facility

The premises boast a spacious walled parking area, covering an expansive 3-acre space. This area is closely monitored by trained security personnel and can comfortably accommodate up to 1000 two-wheelers and 1500 cars.

Water Ride Essentials

If you’re planning to indulge in water rides, remember to bring along your towel and a change of clothes. Adventure Island does not offer costume rentals or purchases, so it’s best to come prepared.

Personal Belongings

Note that locker facilities for storing bags and valuables are not available. It’s advisable to avoid bringing expensive items or cameras. Bags are not allowed on the rides, and visitors are responsible for safeguarding their belongings.

Children’s Admission

Children measuring under 90 cm in height enjoy complimentary entry to the theme park. However, their access is limited to a specific selection of rides at Adventure Island Rohini.

Enhanced Accessibility

Wheelchairs are thoughtfully provided on-site to assist guests with physical challenges and senior citizens. These can be conveniently accessed at the Metro Walk area. By adhering to these crucial pointers, you can make the most of your Adventure Island visit, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable time.

Exploring Nearby Destinations Close to Adventure Island

While Adventure Island promises a day of thrilling fun, if you’re seeking to broaden your horizons, here are some excellent nearby options to consider:

Metro Walk

Adjacent to the amusement park, Metro Walk is a distinct blend of shopping and entertainment. This open-air marketplace beckons with a mix of retail outlets, dining choices, and recreational activities. Covering an expansive 2 lakh square feet, this urban shopping haven features a diverse selection of international and local brands, along with a bustling food court and various restaurants.


Linking Metro Walk and Adventure Island is the Lagoon, an artificial lake that can be crossed via a charming bridge. Embarking on a boat excursion across the Lagoon is a delightful experience. Notably, the Swan Boat ride stands out, accommodating up to 10 passengers and allowing them to paddle across the waters in enchanting swan-shaped boats.

Japanese Park

A short drive away lies Japanese Park within Swarn Jayanti Park in Sector 10 of Rohini. While its operational hours are from 5 AM to 8 PM, it’s advisable to explore during daylight. Familiarly known as JP, this park boasts well-maintained gardens and engaging play areas for children. Activities like football, skating, and jogging can be enjoyed on dedicated tracks, with the addition of serene fountains enhancing the ambiance.

Bhalswa Golf Course

Around a 20-minute drive from Adventure Island, Bhalswa Golf Course is accessible between 6:30 AM and 5:30 PM daily, except Mondays. Managed by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA), this semi-private golf course provides an affordable alternative to exclusive private options. Tee off across the 9 holes against the backdrop of lush greenery and the picturesque Bhalswa Lake.

Pitampura District Park

Just 25 minutes away, Pitampura District Park welcomes visitors from 4 AM to 9 PM daily. This public park offers vast fields for cricket and football enthusiasts to indulge in their passions. For those inclined towards badminton, remember to bring your own net for setting up. The park’s open-air gym accommodates people of all ages, providing a space for invigorating workouts. Managed by the DDA, Pitampura District Park is a serene spot suitable for picnics, morning strolls, and peaceful jogs. These nearby attractions complement your Adventure Island experience by offering a diverse range of activities and settings to enrich your outing.

Diverse Rides and Attractions at Adventure Island Venturing into Adventure

Island in Rohini reveals a treasure trove of more than 20 captivating rides and attractions, catering to a wide spectrum of age groups. The offerings span across Adult Rides, Family and Kids Rides, and a plethora of Water Rides. These experiences are further enhanced by the array of Paid Attractions available within this man-made amusement haven.

Adult Rides

  • Z-Force: Defying gravity, Z-Force propels riders upwards, pausing briefly to offer a bird’s-eye view before inducing a freefall sensation. With a capacity of up to 8 individuals, this exhilarating ride has a minimum height requirement of 105 cm.
  • Side Winder: Hosting up to 24 adventurers, Side Winder features a spinning giant wheel that provides a heart-racing yoke-like experience. Riders must meet the height requirement of 134 cm to participate.
  • Sky Riders: Accommodating a maximum of 24 riders, Sky Riders emulate a skyward driving adventure. Suspended from a sprawling wheel, guests soar at varying angles, simulating the sensation of flight. A height of 105 cm or above is necessary to partake in this attraction.
  • Lightning Bolt: Designed for riders measuring 130 cm and taller, Lightning Bolt resembles a spider with multiple legs. Lockable seats on each leg of the life-sized disc spin riders while the disk itself rotates, creating an electrifying experience.
  • Space Jump: Reflecting the solar system, Space Jump revolves around a sun-like central ball. Equipped with 24 double seats linked by sturdy rods, riders orbit the “sun” as the rods move up and down. A height of 120 cm or more is required to enjoy this ride.
  • Climbing Wall: Testing muscular strength, the Climbing Wall caters to those at least 4 feet tall and weighing between 30 kg and 100 kg. Equipped with harnesses and controlled by ropes, the wall features varying inclinations for varying levels of challenge.
  • Wild Wheel: A classic bumper car experience for adults, Wild Wheel pits rubber-lined cars against each other within a dynamic enclosure. Each car accommodates two participants.
  • Splash Down: A water ride designed for adults, Splash Down accommodates up to 4 riders per splash. Riders experience a roller coaster-style journey culminating in a drenching plunge into a man-made river track. The minimum height for participation is 134 cm.

Kids and Family Rides

  • Cyclone: This ride, accommodating a maximum of 32 children, features swings suspended from the roof. Children must be at least 90 cm tall to enjoy this carousel-like experience.
  • Air Pogo: Tailored for toddlers, Air Pogo allows young ones to explore pilot roles in plane-themed rides. Each of the 5 planes can accommodate up to 4 kids.
  • Wave Rocker: A family-friendly experience, Wave Rocker seats 24 riders on a ship that replicates the rocking motion of turbulent seas.
  • Kids Bumper Cars: Reflecting bumper cars for kids, this ride is suitable for children measuring between 90 cm and 134 cm.
  • Bungee Trampoline: Offering secure jumping for kids weighing between 20 kg and 50 kg, this ride ensures safe harnessing without height restrictions.
  • Tiny TV Transit: An essential amusement park feature, this toy train can carry up to 76 children, accompanied by parents.
  • Fire Brigade: A fun fire truck ride for children at least 90 cm tall, with no actual fire or water involved.
  • Bush Buggies: Ideal for small families, Bush Buggies accommodate up to 4 passengers each for a scenic exploration of the park.
  • Splash Dunk: For kids at least 90 cm tall, Splash Dunk offers a roller coaster-style boat ride that culminates in a watery splash.

Water Rides

  • Aqua Bump: A spacious water pool with rain dance facility, accommodating around 150 people.
  • Amazon Mist Forest: Encounter Cartoon Network characters like Dexter as you enter the Amazon Mist Forest. Parental supervision recommended.
  • SHA LA LA: Named after the popular song, this is the hub for rain dance festivities.
  • Splash Pool: Perfect for family water fun, the Splash Pool provides canopies and showers for added enjoyment.
  • Swan Boat: Giant swan-shaped boats accommodating up to 10 passengers pedal across the Lagoon’s artificial lake.
  • H2O: Featuring water obstacles and slides amidst continuous water showers. Additionally, the park offers Splash Down and Splash Dunk water rides tailored for adults and kids respectively.

Adventure Island’s diverse range of rides and attractions promises an unforgettable day of excitement for visitors of all ages.

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Facilities Available at Adventure Island Rohini

Adventure Island Rohini is equipped with a comprehensive range of amenities to ensure visitors’ convenience, safety, and enjoyment.

These essential facilities include:

  • Drinking Water: Numerous water stations are strategically placed across the park, providing easy access to drinking water.
  • First Aid: A dedicated first aid area is readily accessible, staffed by trained professionals to address any medical needs.
  • ATM: For cash requirements, an ATM is conveniently located within the premises.
  • Parking: A secure and spacious parking area is available, accommodating visitors’ vehicles comfortably.
  • Wheelchair for Hire: Those in need of mobility assistance can avail themselves of wheelchair rental services.
  • Guest Briefing Area (Bull Pen): Each ride is equipped with a designated area where guests receive instructions and briefing before participating.
  • Separate Entry and Exit: Clear separation between entry and exit points for each ride ensures organized and smooth movement.
  • PA System: Throughout the park and on each ride, a PA system is in place to convey important announcements and information.
  • Lost and Found Assistance: Visitors can seek assistance for lost items, facilitating the recovery process.
  • Fire Safety Equipment: The park is equipped with fire safety equipment, and designated assembly areas are marked for emergency situations.
  • Washrooms: Well-maintained washroom facilities are conveniently situated at various points within the premises.
  • Safety and Security: Trained security personnel ensure safety measures are maintained at entry points and across the park.
  • Route Maps: Clearly displayed route maps in different plazas aid visitors in navigating the park effectively.
  • Shaded Seating: Comfortable shaded seating areas offer a place to relax and take a break from the sun.
  • Merchandise and Food Counters: Various counters cater to shopping and dining needs, providing a variety of options.

Adventure Island Rohini’s comprehensive facilities contribute to a seamless and enjoyable experience for all guests, prioritizing comfort and safety throughout their visit.

Adventure Island Ticket Prices

The cost of tickets for Adventure Island can fluctuate based on the season and the day of the week. The park provides several ticket options catering to visitors’ preferences, including a standard entry ticket for accessing rides and attractions, as well as a combo ticket encompassing both the park and the water park. Outlined below are potential ticket price ranges for Adventure Island:

Standard Ticket

Prices for regular entry tickets typically range from approximately INR 400 to INR 1500 for adults, and INR 400 to INR 500 for children. The exact price depends on factors like the day of the week and the current season.

Combo Ticket

Combo tickets, granting access to both the park and water park, might vary from around INR 800 to INR 1300 for adults, and INR 600 to INR 1000 for children. Similar to standard tickets, prices can vary based on the day of the week and the season.

Group Discounts

Adventure Island extends discounts for groups comprising 15 or more individuals.

S. No.Ticket Type WeekdaysWeekends
02Child Above 3 feet height400500
03Senior Citizens above 60400 500
04Child below 3 feet heightFreeFree

Please bear in mind that these prices are subject to change and are provided as estimates. For the most accurate and current pricing information, it’s advisable to refer to the official Adventure Island website or directly contact the park.

Adventure Island Operating Hours

S. No.Adventure Island Park TimingAdventure Island Ticket Counter Timing
01Open Time – 11:00 AMOpen Time – 10:30 AM
02Closing Time – 07:00 PM Closing Time – 06:00 PM

Adventure Island’s Location

Located in Rohini, New Delhi, India, Adventure Island is situated at Metro Walk Mall, Sector 10, Rohini, Delhi – 110085. The park boasts excellent accessibility via public transportation, being close to the Rohini East metro station. It’s conveniently positioned in the heart of the city, reachable by car, bus, or metro. The nearby Metro Walk Mall serves as a prominent landmark, known for its shopping and entertainment offerings. Visitors can also find a range of lodging options in the vicinity, including hotels, guesthouses, and resorts to accommodate their stay.

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