Delhi Temperature Today In Delhi Current Temperature, Weather Forecast

Delhi Temperature Today (16th Jun 2020): Delhi’s maximum expected mercury will cross 40 oC on Today and the minimum expected temperature will be 32 oC.

Delhi Temperature Today

Delhi Temperature Today

Delhi’s expected maximum mercury will cross 40 degrees on Today and the minimum expected temperature will be 32 degrees Celsius.

Delhi and the adjoining areas, reeling under the scorching heat and heat waves, have started getting relief through pre-monsoon rains.

Due to the changed direction of the winds, the weather took a turn in Delhi-NCR on Friday (16th June 2020) morning and by the evening strong winds started with light rain.

According to meteorological officials, the maximum temperature was recorded below 40 degrees at the Safdarjung Observatory in the national capital on Friday, which was between 40 and 45 degrees two days ago.

With this, the Meteorological Department has predicted the weather of Delhi-NCR for the next 2-3 days.

Meteorological Department Warnings

According to the Meteorological Department, a western disturbance has been activated in this entire region, due to which winds started moving at a speed 11 kmph on Tuesday evening, which will continue till Saturday.

The effect of this western disturbance will be seen on Sunday also. The Meteorological Department says that during this time the maximum temperature in Delhi-NCR can come down to 35 degrees.

However, after June 2, the temperature will rise again and the maximum temperature can go up to 41 degrees.

The Meteorological Department has given a big warning, along with the drop in temperature, the Meteorological Department has also given a warning.

The Meteorological Department says that due to the dust storm, pollution levels will increase in Delhi and surrounding areas.

Delhi AQI (Air Quality Index Delhi)

The Central Pollution Control Board on Thursday recorded an air quality level (AQI) of 188 in the national capital, which can be considered satisfactory.

Let us tell you that AQI above 60 is considered safe, AQI from 61 to 200 is satisfactory, AQI from 201 to 300 is bad, AQI from 301 to 400 is very poor and AQI from 401 to 500 is considered serious.

Weather in Delhi Forecast (7 Day)





Rain (mm)

16 Jun

40 / 32 oC

26 %

11 Km/Hr

 Rain: 0 mm

17 Jun

42 / 31 oC

23 %

11 Km/Hr

Rain: 0 mm

18 Jun

43 / 33 oC

19 %

17 Km/Hr

Rain: 0 mm

19 Jun

41 / 33 oC

31 %

16 Km/Hr

Rain: 0 mm

20 Jun

41 / 31 o

31 %

16 Km/Hr

Rain: 0 mm

21 Jun

41 / 29 oC

33 %

14 Km/Hr

Rain: 0 mm

22 Jun

42 / 35 oC

18 %

16 Km/Hr

Rain: 0.5 mm

Temperature in Delhi Today (16 Jun 2020)

  • 40 oC temperature in Delhi.
  • The outbreak of intense heat continued in the national capital on Monday and in some areas the mercury crossed 40 degrees Celsius.
  • According to the meteorological department, the maximum temperature in Safdarjung was 40 degrees Celsius, which is 4 degrees above normal.
  • At the same time, the maximum temperature was recorded at 46.2 degrees, 44 degrees, and 45.6 degrees Celsius in the weather stations at Palam, Lodhi Road, and Ayanagar.
  • For Tuesday, IMD issued an orange warning for some region of Delhi. When the alarm warning is running and the red warning is issued for the severe heatwave.
  • Delhi is suffering due to severe heat and heat, the condition of getting out in the afternoon
  • Meteorological Department estimates, winds running at 20-30 km / h
  • Mercury may cross 46 degrees on Tuesday, relief is expected from Friday
  • The condition will change from the night of 28 May, Western Disturbance may affect.

IMD has given a warning

Dangerous heat is running in North India. On Sunday, IMD issued ‘Red’ warning for Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana and Rajasthan (including Delhi).

Eastern Uttar Pradesh is also issued as orange warning. The mercury of some areas can cross 47 degrees in two to three days. The appeal of the Meteorological Department is that people should not leave the house from 1 pm to 5 pm because the heat will be too much at that time.

The heat will rise right now (Temperature In Delhi)

  • Changes in Delhi’s weather are not expected until 28 May. On Tuesday, the temperature of some places can go above 46 degrees.
  • According to an IMD officer, the effect of winds and western disturbances coming from the east will be seen from the night of May 28.
  • Due to rain and strong winds, the mercury may fall to 38-39 degrees.

Hottest Place in India (29 May 2020)

During the last 24 hours, mercury has gone above 45 degrees in many states. Churu was the hottest city in Rajasthan with a temperature of 47.4 degrees Celsius. The hottest cities in the country are as follows:



Max Temp (Max) 



46.9 oC



46.6 oC



46.6 oC



46.3 oC



46.0 oC



46.0 oC



46.0 oC



46.0 oC



45.5 oC

Some Words About Delhi

The capital city of India has all types of tourist spots. Delhi attracts history lovers, picnic travelers. Also, Delhi attracts nature lovers to photographers. So, Delhi attracts everyone.

The capital city of the country, Delhi is not only one of the largest cities in India. It is a populous city in India after Mumbai. Also, there are many scenic spots for travelers coming from outside. These spots attract tourists.

Important Tips (Temperature Delhi)

October to March is the best time to travel to New Delhi. Summer is very hot in Delhi, the temperature goes up to 42 degrees. So it is not advisable to come here in summer.

There is a slight drop in temperature during the monsoon. But rain can hamper your sightseeing plan. So, the winter/spring season is the best month to visit Delhi.


Q 1. Which month is colder than other months in Delhi?

Ans. January is colder than in other months in Delhi. Average temperature (highest)- 20.8 0C. , Average temperature (lowest)- 7.6 0C.

Q 2. Which month is warmer than other months in Delhi?

Ans. January is warmer than in other months in Delhi. Average temperature (highest)- 39.5 0C. , Average temperature (lowest)- 25.9 0C.

Q 3. Which month has the lowest humidity in Delhi?

Ans. The month of May has the lowest humidity (33%). It is the lowest average humidity.

Q 4. Which month has the highest humidity in Delhi?

Ans. The month of August has the lowest humidity (73%). It is the lowest average humidity.


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