Places to Visit in Cherrapunji India: A Meghalaya Trip

Places to Visit in Cherrapunji India

Places to Visit in Cherrapunji: Cherrapunji is considered the second most wet place on earth. But now, the first most wet place is Mawsynram.

Places to Visit in Cherrapunji India

As we also studied in our geography class, the image of Cherrapunji that was created in our mind was such that it is an area where it rains all the time. 

In fact, we are very surprised to know that there is a complete drought here during the winter season, due to which the region has to go through a serious water problem. Even more ironic can rarely happen – the second most wet place on Earth is drained for months every year. After knowing all this, the same question was arising in my mind again and again, whether the people of this region would have ever tried to adopt methods of water harvesting or not. And if they had tried, would they have faced any kind of difficulties, or would they have adopted it as a gift of nature and their destiny. Whatever it may be, life is very difficult for these people from both sides – even when it rains and even when it does not rain.

While walking in Cherrapunji, you find clouds around you all the time. Here you can actually walk among the clouds, feel them on your skin and even smell them. These clouds not only make fun of you but also present new moments for you every moment.

Sometimes these clouds spoil the waterfall, due to which you have to be satisfied just by listening to its voice. But in between, they increase your eagerness by showing you a little glimpse of the waterfall and then suddenly disappear from your site and leave you in solitude for some time to admire this beautiful waterfall falling in the deep blue lake. Huh. The Nohkalikai waterfall is about 1100 feet in height, making it the highest and finest waterfall in India.

Another feature here is the colorful flowers that you see everywhere. Whether it is on the side of the road, the valley, or the courtyards of every house here, you see different types of flowers everywhere. Looking at these flowers, it does not look like they would have been forced here, but these flowers are an integral part of nature like these hills, clouds, and humans. During our entire journey, we got to see a variety of colorful, colorful, and beautiful flowers which are rare elsewhere.

Mountainous terrain (Places to Visit in Cherrapunji)

The white or gray clouds scattered in the open blue sky, the lush green hills, and colorful flowers, all made each other attractive with their bright colors, beautifying each other. There are many springs scattered here and there on the hills around Cherrapunji. No matter where you are in the valley, you will either hear the sound of a waterfall around you, or you will definitely see a waterfall. Some of these waterfalls are part of the standard itineraries, through which you are made to visit them and some interesting stories are told about them. These steep waterfalls fall in a narrow passage situated between the hills and then reach the deepest parts of the flowing valley through this route and form a river.

If seen from above the hills, these rivers look like a thin line of water flowing through these green slopes. Sometimes you wonder at the immense power of this small fragile river, which moves through these rocky mountains, making its own way. And you suddenly feel jealous of his freedom to go anywhere and his ability to cross the border. Most of the rivers here flow into the neighboring nation of Bangladesh.

Nohkalikai Waterfall (Places to Visit in Cherrapunji)

Anecdotes and myths related to the Nohkalikai Falls Anecdotes and myths are integral parts of human life. One such legend is associated with the Nohkalikai Falls of Cherrapunji, whose name a very sad story is hidden. It is believed that a woman named  Likai accidentally ate her own daughter years ago, after which she committed suicide by coming here. After this incident, this waterfall came to be known as Nohkalikai.


There is a huge structure made of 200 feet of monolithic rock, which looks like a shattered basket. It is said that this basket was of a great demon who always disturbed people. Once, all the people together fed him food made of nails and killed him. According to this anecdote, the demon was destroyed but its basket remained inverted here, which is still standing here in the form of a rock. Seeing the way this rock stands between these hills and plains with its peaked top, you cannot live without believing this anecdote.

Mawsmai Caves (Places to Visit in Cherrapunji)

There are about 788 caves in Meghalaya, most of which are either not found on the map or have not yet been discovered. Some of these are the longest caves located in India. Of all these caves, Mawsmai caves are the most famous caves. Many people come to see these caves due to being located at a short distance from Cherrapunji.

As soon as you reach the entrance of the cave, you will see a huge chamber-like structure in front of you, which leads you to a thin path. Only one person can pass through this route at a time. After crossing this path, you again find a huge chamber, where on reaching out, you reach the other end of the cave.

Such natural structures always fascinate you with nature’s nature. But looking at the state of this cave, you can guess how much care it must have taken. Around this cave, you will see dense forest which has only wild trees and plants. By the time we reached the Mawsmai caves, it was evening and at the same time, it started raining. After coming to Cherrapunji and spending a whole day dry and dry, now we are going to get to know his real identity, that is, his wetness. This shower of rain fell as if our journey to Cherrapunji has now been completed in the true sense.


Cherrapunji is now officially known as Sohra, which used to be his original name. Apparently, the name Cherrapunji was given to him by the British. There are some places here where you can see parts of Bangladesh. The surprising thing is that in a mountainous area like Sohra, wherever the cultivation is done, the hills there suddenly turn into wide plains.

Sohra has an ashram attached to the Ramakrishna Mission, which has a temple and a museum in the north-eastern direction. Photos of all the waterfalls of this region are displayed in this museum. A little information about the history associated with them has also been presented. On the walls of the main building of this ashram, some pictures related to this area are shown. The temple is situated just behind this building. The women here were also seen selling cinnamon and tea in traditional attire.

Facilities for tourists

Despite being such a famous tourist destination, there are no facilities for tourism pre-requisites here. Unless you have stayed in the few and nominated hotels here, you cannot get the right food for a single time here. Most people come here for only one day trip during their Shillong trip, so it is very important to have some good eateries here, where one can get good original food. For now, you will find only small shops here, where some food items are sold.