Pattaya Beach Walking Street: Things to See in Pattaya Thailand

Pattaya Beach (Pattaya Thailand)

Pattaya Beach (Pattaya Thailand): Pattaya city is known for its nightlife, jet skiing and has about 18 bars and restaurants.

Pattaya Beach (Pattaya Thailand)

Pattaya can be considered one of the most beautiful towns on Thailand’s northeast coast, its beaches looking out over the mouth of the Min Thawi. It’s one of the few spots left where locals go to a party on the beach after dusk. 

Things to See in Pattaya Thailand (Pattaya city)

The town of Pattaya has about 18 bars and restaurants, and it’s worth seeking them out for a memorable time, and the beach isn’t for the fainthearted.

Pattaya Beach (Pattaya Walking Street)

The beach bars on Pattaya beach offer drinks, loud music, and cheap food A moderate swimmer, my first encounter with the water wasn’t long after I arrived in Pattaya, and I was surprised by the powerful current. I stood shivering on the beach, chatting to a few other sunbathers, and a tuk-tuk pulled up to collect us. On the beach, the water is crystal clear and as the sun began to set, I stared in fascination at the glittering shoals of fish at the bottom of the ocean. We swam down a short distance and from the air, it looks like an uninhabited rock arch. All around me were people in the water, on paddleboards, swimming, or sunbathing. Like the sunset, a girl stripped off her bikini bottoms and entered the water, until she looked like an inanimate sea creature. The town is already established in the Thai tourist circuit as the ‘white-water surfing capital of the north-east, and there is a long stretch of beach where it is possible to get the adrenaline rush of whitewater rafting, kayaking, windsurfing, or jet-skiing, in just a couple of hours.

We enjoying the last rays of the sun as we walked on Pattaya beach in silence. ‘It is completely crazy,’ said one of the waitresses at the bar where we had lunch. I see them day and night.’ ‘In terms of income, Pattaya’s most valuable resource is the beach. Here, there are several resorts on the beach, with a theme park in the middle.

Though the weather can be unpredictable in the rainy season, it is still well worth a visit.

Patong Beach

Pattaya is known for its nightlife and the ‘Patong Beach’ tourist area, also known as ‘Millionaire’s Beach’. The city hosts an annual beach festival and is notable for being a center for prostitution. 

Patong Rock

The ‘Patong Rock’ is famous as a gay cruising beach. Pattaya’s nightlife also has links to the trafficking of women and children from the region and the exploitation of low-level workers in Thailand.

Former minister of tourism Panupong Tovichakchaikul said that Pattaya has at least 40,000 prostitutes. Pattaya is a popular place for jet skiing and is a regular staging post for budget airlines.

Amreeka Suites Tower 108

Pattaya Beach: Pinnacle Hotel Tower 108 (Amreeka Suites Tower 108) is also a prime location for photography due to the stunning views of the beach and the ocean from every angle. Pinnacle Hotel Tower 108 (Amreeka Suites Tower 108) consider as 32nd tallest building in the world and the tallest building in Thailand. The Amreeka Suites Tower 108 offers the highest standard of service in Thailand with 24-hour room service. Amreeka Suites Tower 108 was named Thailand’s Best Condominium Hotel and Best Overall Condominium Hotel in the Condo-World Hotel Awards 2004.

ChupongTa Asamankalyo (Pattaya Beach)

Bangalow “ChupongTa Asamankalyo” was a 29-story tower built as a residential complex in 2001 but now partially transformed into a hotel and nightclub. This nightclub and bar on the top floor have three levels of entertainment, including a bar, a dance floor, and a large observation deck. The hotel and club also have three large swimming pools and a restaurant and a convenience store. It is best known as a location for adult entertainment, with several websites and pornographic websites offering listings for apartments and rooms there. The Thai government was to have ruled that this was illegal under the current strict sex laws but the government has stepped back from this. The famous ‘Peace and Love’ sculpture above the BankGlow has now been removed and replaced with an airplane.


The former capital city of Siam (now Thailand), Ayutthaya was founded in 1350 and is the site of some of the best-preserved temples in the country.

The ancient city is said to have the second-largest amount of historical monuments and, in 2001, was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city’s two biggest tourist attractions are the sprawling Royal Palace complex, as well as the Ayutthaya Museum.

Ayutthaya, while known as the ‘City of Temples’, was also once a trading post for the Burmese. The city was once the richest in Southeast Asia and is known for its abundance of Thai woodworking, particularly with fine lacquer work. Ayutthaya was the most populous city of Siam until 1599 and is one of the oldest cities in Thailand. Today the site is also a tourist attraction, with the National Palace Museum displaying the most magnificent collection of Thai art. It was a popular location for American television and film. At this time, it became famous as a place to relax and get away from the hectic city life. The entire area has also been significantly changed as a result of damage caused by the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami. Ban Sang Nang Suea was also the home of many well-known Thai singers, actors, and comedians.

Blue House (Pattaya Beach)

Blue House is a part of Thailand’s Department of Special Investigation, in Bangkok, Thailand. The full name of the bureau is the Bureau of Special Investigation (Transnational Crime and Trafficking Unit) Department of Special Investigation, but the public often refers to the building as “Blue House”, due to its color. The building is nicknamed “Red House” because of its red paint, but officials soon realized that this was too easy an association, and changed it. The name “Blue House” comes from the color of the building. It is the only Bureau of Special Investigation in the world to have the name of its main building written in English. Visitors to the Blue House will notice that it is one of the few buildings in the world with two names. From above, it looks like two separate buildings, which is only apparent from the outside.