Places to Visit Near Hyderabad Within 100 kms (Updated 2021)

Places to Visit Near Hyderabad Within 100 kms

Places to Visit Near Hyderabad Within 100 kms: Charminar, Ramoji film city, Hussain Sagar Lake, Salar Jung Museum, Golconda Fort, Chaumhalla, Amravati, etc. 

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Places to Visit Near Hyderabad Within 100 kms

Hyderabad (Places to Visit Near Hyderabad Within 100 kms)


Charminar is the primary definition of Hyderabad. Who visits Hyderabad, then he visit Charminar definitely.

Char Minar is a world popular and this important monument situated in Hyderabad, Telangana state, India.

Now, this monument remains the global heritage of Hyderabad and Charminar is also existed in the top 10 monuments of India. The Charminar was constructed by ruler Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah of Hyderabad.

To the left of Charminar is Lad Bazaar located and on the south is the Mecca Masjid located. The Char Minar literally meaning in English – Four Tower. This ancient building is the best example of the perfect architecture of ancient times.

Four shining minarets present in this tower, connected with four arches. These arches also provide support for the tower. Charminar constructed when Quli Qutub Shahi established Hyderabad the new capital in place of Golconda.

Charminar constructed in 1591 by Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah to mark the finish the disease of plague inside the city. It considered that many people got die due to this disease, so Qutub Shah made pray that the mosque should be formed when the plague is cured. It constructed in the center of the city after cholera finished.

Ramoji film city (Places to Visit Near Hyderabad Within 100 kms)

In Hyderabad, the location of this film city is out of Hyderabad. In the Guinness Book of World, this film city considers as the largest film studio in the world.

On the Nalgonda path, Ramoji Film City situated 25 km from Hyderabad. It constructed with all the newest technology and equipment. It told that many filmmakers come here with only their film script and return with the film completed.

Ramoji Rao, the popular film producer, and media Southern media-constructed Ramoji Film City in 1996. 

This studio covered an area of ​​over 2000 acres (8.2 sq km). This film studio contains 50 film shooting floors. The studio created in the year of 1996. There can be 15 to 25 films shoot simultaneously. 

Apart from this, Ramoji Film City is also a popular tourist visiting point. Ramoji Film City can also take place in the man-made wonder category.

This place gives many means of media entertainment to visitors. Rides of Joy, events of fun, music programs, shows or games, and dance presented here timely. You can also get to enjoy eating food and get shopping in the film center.

All possible facilities give by Ramoji Film City for pre-production and post-production. It contains more than 500 locations of sets.

There are hundreds of gardens, near to fifty studio floors, authorized sets, facilities of digital film production, laboratories of high technologies, technical support are all available here.

The film’s infrastructure also contains locations of costumes. Ramoji Film City attracts not only nationally, but also it attracts foreign film producers.

Hussain Sagar Lake (Places to Visit Near Hyderabad Within 100 kms)

This lake ( Hussain Sagar Lake) known as hand made lake. It considered the largest lake located in the city of Hyderabad. A statue of Buddha located on the right side of the center of this lake. Popularly this place is known as Tank Bund.

Salar Jung Museum (Places to Visit Near Hyderabad Within 100 kms)

In Hyderabad, the Salar Jang Museum situated at the place of Darushifa. Darushifa located at the Musi river’s southern bank. In all the three national museums in the country, this is the one.

Golconda Fort

The perfect example of perfect engineering and perfect architecture is the Golconda fort. The location of the Golconda fort in Hyderabad is 11 km from Hyderabad city. This is the best example for tourists place in Hyderabad.

The Golconda word is the combination of two Telugu words (Golla and Konda). The actual meaning of Golconda’s word is Shephard’s Hill.

The Kaktiya kings constructed this fort in the 12th century.

Chaumhalla Palace

Chaumhalla Palace in Hyderabad considered the oldest palace in India. The formation of this palace lasted for almost 2 centuries.
The formation of this awesome palace was finished by Salabat Jung in 1750 AD, which was finished almost 1 century later between the years 1857 and 1869.

Amravati (Places to Visit Near Hyderabad Within 100 kms)

The proposed capital and beautiful city of Andhra Pradesh, Amravati is located in the Guntur district. 

At one time Buddhism spread far and wide in Andhra, so there are many Mauryan and Gupta period relics here. Among them, 30 km from Vijayawada. Away is the Amravati on the banks of the Krishna River, which was a major center of Buddhism in ancient times.

There are 2 thousand years old stupas, a huge statue of Lord Buddha and two museums here. Ghantashal, a major center of Buddhism, is just five km from Amravati. After the fall of Buddhism, Amravati became the capital of the Reddy rulers. 

Nomberu (Places to Visit Near Hyderabad Within 100 kms)

Nomberu is the center of Buddhism in Guntur. Here the contents of the kingdom of Satavahana kings can be seen in the museum of Acharya Nagarjuna University. There is a famous Hrankar Jain shrine in Nomberu. 20 km on Vijayawada-Bhadrachalam highway. Away on the hill in Kondapalli is the ruins of the fort of the Kondavetti kings in the seventh century.