Places to Visit in Sikkim: The Smallest State in India

Places to Visit in Sikkim:

Places to Visit in Sikkim: A beautiful state Sikkim is The Smallest State in India and located in the middle of three countries (Tibbat, Nepal, and Bhutan).

Places to Visit in Sikkim

The location of Sikkim is in the North-East part of India.  In the Sikkim state of India, you can enjoy seeing the ancient and most beautiful natural beauty of the Himalayas. 

Places to Visit in Sikkim

This Sikkim state is not a part of seven sister states. In the case of popularity, Sikkim is popular for its waterfalls, untouched forests, Buddhist Gompas, beautiful grass fields, and flowers of different varieties.

Kanchanjunga Peak

Kanchanjunga Peak located in the state of Sikkim. In the case of Kanchenjunga peak height, it has a third position in the world. The height of the Kanchenjunga peak is 8598 miters.

Changu Lake (Tsongmo Lake)

This lake is located above 3750 meters height from sea level. It situated 40 kilometers distance from Gangtok. Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim. In the season of winter this lake covered with ice fully. For visiting this lake you need a special permit issued from tourism office of Gangtok. For enjoying Changu lake completely then you should need to ride on Yalk. 

Nathula Pass

This pass is located at a distance of 18 kilometers from Changu lake. The height of this pass from sea level is 4200. Nathula pass is located between India and Tibbat.

At Nathula pass, you always seem cold season. Here always cold air blowing. So for avoiding cold sickness, you should need to not stay more than one hour. 

This pass is located near the border of China country. So, here always both armies (Indian army and China army) carry on their duties. 

Roomtek Monastery

This monastery is most famous in Sikkim. It located a distance of 24 kilometers from Gangtok. Roomtek Monastery is the headquarter of the black hat sect. This monastery related to Baudh Religion.

A path for Golden Stoop is going from this place. Golden stoop is made of gold, silver, and expensive stones. 


Lachung village is located on the bank of lachung river. The height of this river from the sea level is 2600 meters. It is known as the door of Yumthang and Zero point. When traveling to luchung, there are many waterfalls present all the way.

Khecheopalri lake

This lake located some distance from Pelling Yuksom Road.

The location of this lake is in a small valley. 

This lake is sacred for Buddhists and also for Lepcha. The meaning of Khecheopalri lake is wishing lake.

Khecheopalri Gompa is located at a 2-kilometer distance from Khecheopalri lake. At Khecheopalri Gompa, you would see amazing views of Mount Pandim.