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Best Places to Visit in Lucknow: The Capital of Uttar Pradesh

Small Imambara

The small Imambara with a golden and big dome was built by Mohammad Ali Shah in 1937 AD.

It also houses the mausoleum of Mohammad Ali Shah and his daughter and son-in-law. Its lightroom comes in beautiful buildings. It is a beautiful creation with a dome, minaret, and garden.

The famous Chhatri Manzil built in Italian style is unique. The viewer is mesmerized by seeing the adorned Belgian glass structures, precious chandeliers, candles, and candelabra.

The building has magnificent Diwan Khana, rooms, cellars, and tunnels. The beauty of the building adorned with domes and arches is made towards the Gomti River. The Central Medicinal Research Center has now been established here.

1857 memorial museum

The year 1857 witnessed the first freedom struggle where the British officers used to live. Presently it has been declared as a National Protected Monument whose round marks on the walls still tell the story of the struggle. The building which has been converted into khaddar is still visible.

This museum was built with a view to preserving and displaying the events of the 1857 freedom struggle. Here the model of residency, old photos, inscriptions, pictures, documents, antiquities, etc. of the time are displayed.

The museum is closed every Monday. The white marble monument on the banks of Gomti in front of the Residency is built in memory of the martyrs of 1857 AD.

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