Best Places to Visit in Kolkata: Places to Visit Near Kolkata for 2 Days

Best Places to Visit in Kolkata

Best Places to Visit in Kolkata (Updated 2021): Fort William, Eden Garden, Belur Math, Howrah Bridge, Indian Museum, Science City Kolkata, Nicco Park, etc.

Best Places to Visit in Kolkata

Places to Visit Near Kolkata for 2 Days

Victoria Memorial

This memorial building was constructed with marble. This considered the pride of Kolkata. The building was constructed between the year of 1906 and 1921. This memorial related to Queen Victoria.

Fort William Kolkata

On the eastern bank of side Hoogly river, this beautiful fort located. This constructed with hundreds of arched windows and spread over 70.9 acres area.

Belur Math

This math related to Ramkrisn math and mission. This is constructed by Swami Vivekanand. The exact location of this beautiful math is the west bank of the Hoogly river. This math shows the unity icon of all religion according to its architecture.

Howrah Bridge

This bridge is situated in West Bengal over the river of Hoogly. This bridge connects Howarth and Kolkota. The other name of this bridge is Rabindra Setu.

Birla Planetarium

In Kolkata, the Birla Planetarium has the second-largest position planetarium in the world. In Asia, this planetarium has the largest position.

Indian Museum (Best Places to Visit in Kolkata)

In world boasting, this museum is one of the oldest museums. the most exquisite collection of fossils, skeletons, armors, antiques, mummies, ornaments, and stunning Mughal empire paintings are present here.

Mable Palace Mansion

In North Kolkota in the year 1835 formed by Rajendra Mallick. The actual position of this mansion is near the Chorbagan.


The tomb of mother Terresa present in this place. And this motherhouse is maintained by her followers and missionaries.

Science City Kolkata (Best Places to Visit in Kolkata)

The science city of Kolkata formed on the year of 1st July 1997. In the case of position, this science museum is the largest in the world.

St. Paul’s Cathedral Kolkata

In the overseas territory, that is related to the British empire., this is the first cathedral. This has a fine example of the Indo-Gothic architectural style.

Birla Temple Kolkota

This temple related to Lord Krishna and Radha. This related to the Hindu religion and considered a perfect specimen of craftsmanship.

Eden Garden (Best Places to Visit in Kolkata)

The Eden garden considered the largest cricket stadium in India. Near to Calcutta high court and the state secretariat, this located.

Jorasanko Thakur Bari

This is the place where Rabindra Nath Tagore born. The exact location of this Jorasanko Thakur Bari is on the campus of Rabindra Bharti University in Jorasank.

Birla Industrial & Technological Museum

Some people have a question about the first Scientific and industrial museum located in India, then they get answer Birla Industrial & Technological Museum (BITM). This museum is also popular for 3D shows and galleries in Kolkata.

Kalighat Temple

This is the popular kali temple of India. Here the largest number of people come and prayed. In 51 shakti sthals of India, this has most important for every Hindu.

Shobhabajar RajBari (Best Places to Visit in Kolkata)

It considered the grandest house in the style of Bengali in Calcutta. The royal family shobhabajar built this house in Kolkata.

Botanical Garden in Kolkata

In 1787, Robert Kyd founded this botanical garden in Calcutta. In the world, the largest tree of Banyan located in this botanical garden. Now the name of this garden changed to Jagdish Chandra India Botanic Garden.

Nakhoda Mosque

In the business street of Burrabazar, this mosque located in the area of Chitpur. the domes and minarets have built as a form of Fatehpur Sikri style of architecture.

Alipore Zoo (Best Places to Visit in Kolkata)

The other name of Alipur Zoo is Calcutta zoo, the zoological garden of Kolkata.

Ecotourism Park

Eco-tourism park is designed for the promotion of eco-tourism. It considers an expansive urban park. the ecotourism park of Kolkatta considers the biggest urban tourism park in India. This park covers 475 area of land.

Nicco Park

Nicco park (Disney Land of West Bengal) have their own importance in terms of entertainment and fun. The main feature of this park is no pollution because this park running on solar energy.

Park Street (Best Places to Visit in Kolkata)

In Kolkata, park street is an important route. Officially this street called mother Teresa Sarani. This street started from Chowringhee road and end with Park Circus Crossing.

South Park Street Cemetery

It is created in the 18th century and it is a non-church cemetery. The maintenance of this cemetery done under the Archeological Survey of India. This Cemetery is popular for the largest burial grounds.

Barrack Pore (Best Places to Visit in Kolkata)

What is the name of the place where the British Empire set-up their first containment, then the answer is Barrack Pore? From this place, Britishers spread out their rules and policies in India.