Best Places to Visit in Jaipur (Pink City) Located 268 Km from Delhi

Wakan Darshan

In the heart of Jaipur, the Wakan Darshan is a complex of multi-storied sandstone temples and Hindu shrines. If you are in town in the evening, take the hour-long riverboat ride around the lake, which affords stunning views of the Jai Mahal Palace, Malhar Mahal, Water Palace, and many other important landmarks.

Jhilmil and Pushkar Gardens

While Jhilmil was once the “city of thieves,” now its shadow has been cast on a new upmarket park in Pushkar. Constructed over 10 acres, the Park City is a mix of lush landscaped gardens and historical monuments, while preserving its local heritage and wildlife. One of the most popular spots, though, is the Kempegowda Temple, dedicated to the seventh and last century Karnataka Chief Minister, who loved elephants. The only thing missing is the festive atmosphere that is synonymous with the city, where visitors from all over the country flock to celebrate Diwali.

Calligraphy Museum

For the budding artist in you, the Calligraphy Museum has something for you, with many works dating back centuries. The museum also organizes art classes and showcases the most exquisite collection of Indian calligraphy, paintings, and sculptures.

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