Best Places to Visit in Jaipur (Pink City) Located 268 Km from Delhi

Badi Haat Bazaar (Best Places to Visit in Jaipur)

For one of the city’s most celebrated shopping destinations, head to the largest outdoor market in India, Badi Haat Bazaar. Built-in the 17th century, it was once the largest bazaar in South Asia, and you can still get a feel of that when you wander the markets, which sell a wide range of souvenirs, including scarves, carpets, and the type of jewelry that the Rajputs wore.

Pawan Mahal Palace

The only grand hotel in Jaipur, it’s the epitome of old-world charm. Even though it has seen plenty of changes in the past few decades—the bar on the first floor, for instance, doesn’t make it look or feel the same—the hotel has retained its royal charm. It’s like stepping into a different world, which is further amplified by its rooftop terrace, which is for all the right reasons a visit to the Jaipurite’s dreams.

Shantar Ke Pathar

One of the city’s oldest residences, which once housed the Maharaja’s household staff, it is now home to the Shri Shiv Niwas Ghar, a boutique hotel that boasts one of the finest restaurants in Jaipur. The palatial dining space and stonewalled garden complement the intricately carved archway on the ground floor, and its imposing sculptures and artwork. While the food at the hotel is an experience unto itself, do not miss out on the breakfast at the guest kitchen in the lobby.

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