Best Places to Visit in Jaipur (Pink City) Located 268 Km from Delhi

Raj Mandir Complex

The royal palace of the Nawabs of Jaipur was constructed in the 18th century and came to be known as the Lal Mahal Palace when the Jodhpur Nawab royal family, under the patronage of the then Rajpramukh and Dewan of Jaipur, Chudasama Ramlal Hira, gave it to Jaipur’s King as a wedding gift. Today, the palace—with its imposing, intricately carved red sandstone façade—a beautiful garden and stunning grandeur, makes for an awe-inspiring destination. The venue offers a variety of experiences, from a royal lunch or a candlelight dinner to a stroll through the forecourt or grounds. If you visit in the early morning, you get a chance to admire the palace’s reflection in the fountains as they fill up with water.

Silk City (Best Places to Visit in Jaipur)

For the foodie in you, Jaipur offers a lot to explore. From a live demonstration of authentic Jaipuri cooking to intriguing interactions with historians, artisans, authors, and the city’s residents, the Heritage Van was born in Jaipur and now visits different destinations across the country. Another gastronomic destination is the historic Old Jail (now the City Palace Museum), which has a thriving bistro in its courtyard. The ambiance is one of romance, opulence, and luxury, and you will get a taste of all of that while ordering from a set menu. If that doesn’t appeal to you, then simply sit by the sidewalk and people watch and see some of the best Jaipur had to offer.

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